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where they are hiding and destroy them. it was said be a bombshell. this week, bob woodward's new book that takes us behind the scenes at the obama white house. john harris has the preview. >> joining us now for politico turn the table is the host of abc's "this week." bob woodward has a new book, on national security and war. obama's war, causing a big stirrer, as it is a hocalled. >> the white house chief spokesman, robert gibbs, has said he read the whole thing and he says it is accurate. bob woodward has a very established history writing these books. he goes to everybody. he talks to everybody.
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we know how many of his books have been out about various subjects, all bestsellers, often giving interesting looks inside the process as is happening and developing. i don't think it claims to make any sort of long-term conclusions and judgments over the strategy, but it is the process as it is going on. i think we know also as the process is going on, the review that took some people painfully long, there were leaks all the time about how many differences there were within the administration over what was coming out. we know for instance that vice- president biden was committed to a counterterrorism strategy, while general mcchrystal and many in the military were advising a counterinsurgency strategy. i think all of that is fairly well known. in addition, the white house is saying that the book has revealed what it has always said, which is there was a vigorous debate, the president was the recipient of all sorts of views.
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it was rigorous and they gave all the views on the spectrum. that is their point and i think they're sticking to it. >> this sunday, gives a look at what you have in store. >> we will discuss this as well, because you just asked about whether it is being looked at. there is an article in the politico playbook, the london times has an interview with general petraeus. he is preparing on the ground for what seems to be a less than full drawdown come 2011. he says they will not be rushed out of afghanistan, this is the start of the process. the revue that has been ordered for december is something like a midcourse correction. i think all of that will be discussed in the round table. we have david axelrod of the white house who will join us, and we have senator mitch
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mcconnell, and he will join us and we will talk about all of the divisions or unity between the tea party and the rest of the republican party and what it means for the midterm elections and for the democrats as they try to put their strategy fourth. we also have acknowledgment of what is happening in new york at the u.n. general assembly and a discussion of the money all development goals, all about the promises the world made to eradicate extreme poverty, to bring gender parity, bring universal education and other issues. we will be speaking with the king of jordan who is very involved in this and has an extremely articulate and passionate view on not just that but also the middle east peace process, on the way the islamic debate is happening and the u.s. that will be very compelling and interesting, too. >> awesome, thank you for the preview.
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watch abc's "this week" sunday morning at 10:00, right here on abc 7. coming up -- >> just had a wedding two weeks before. >> 7 on your side with an alert for home owners. why the police refused to check an alarm system. and gordon gecko is out of jail and back in action. >> steve rudin the belfort furniture weather center, 93 degrees record-breaking temperature at dulles international. how cool like it tomorrow?
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7 on your side with an alert that you need to see if you have an alarm system. in montgomery county woman tells her disturbing story of what happened as an alarm companies mistake kept the police from responding. kris van cleave reports. >> please, i have no idea if anybody broke into my house from three days ago. >> she is pleading with montgomery county police to check on her home after her alarm system went off while she was away on her honeymoon. >> i give you permission to go. you can go? >> not according to our policy. >> this is absurd! >> why? a comes down to this number. it is the registration number
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for her alarm. when it went off, adt services calls 911 and gives the wrong number. >> i am not showing a valid permit. >> for kate it was a big problem. >> i had just had my wedding and had a houseful of wedding presents. >> adt claims that both inaccurate and incomplete data was entered by a representative from protect your homes into the submission that was made to adt, specifically the permit number was not correct and contact list was not complete. >> if the alarm company had fulfilled its obligation and provided the proper registration number, the police would have, could have responded. >> by county lot and because of 45,000 false alarms per year, if
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an invalid it registration number is given, the police can only respond to check on the home if somebody is there to meet them. fortunately, it turned out to be a false alarm. 7 on your side we called protect your home, which installed the security system. they're offering a full refund and said, " we're disappointed law enforcement was not able to respond when the security alarm sounded. we have never had a situation like this before and do not believe it will happen again." kris van cleave, abc 7 news. work on the mcpherson square park began in june to install new sidewalks, benches, flower gardens and irrigation system. the park service says the product should be completed by the end of the year. still ahead, we know what sparked the devastating fire in manassas. plus, a lovely night.
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what will the rest of the weekend look like?
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looking at our top headlines, cigarettes are being blamed for a fire that destroyed three homes and damaged seven in manassas. it took over 100 firefighters from three jurisdictions to bring the blaze on victor control. at least one that was killed and two people suffered minor injuries. silver spring police are
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searching for the driver who struck a woman. her condition is considered very critical. day on the national mall, hundred celebrating the national book festival. more than 70 authors and illustrators manned different stations. the library of congress sponsored the event and alison starling was there to host the presentation. michael douglas is back as gordon gecko, the role that gained him an oscar. it is the story were the second go around? arch campbell reviews. >> michael douglas brings back the guy that you love to hate, "wall street" with "money never sleeps." >> it never sleeps. you have to pay close attention. >> michael douglas is out of
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prison, on the make. >> go. >> kerry mulligan the throes shia when she finds out about this. this goes nowhere. lots of dialogue and speculation on the 2008 bobble. some of the better moments include douglas sparring. >> fools make money, bears make money. pigs get slaughtered. >> it runs long, mixed results, a couple starts, p.g.-13. you will leave remembering michael douglas. have a nice weekend, everybody. i am arch campbell, abc 7
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entertainment. let's shift to the weather. severe weather? >> much-needed rain on the way, but we don't need the thunderstorms. it is quiet and dry, clouds increasing from the west. what is on the way in terms of rain? look at the temperatures, still slowly cooling down. manassas, 79 degrees. high of 97 degrees today. it is hot out there. nationals park, 76 degrees. the recent ad says 76 is the high is because the computer switched at midnight. 62 cumberland. the cooler air is out there. the almanac, the temperatures yesterday on saturday, 93 degrees, not quite a record at reagan national. it broke the record at dulles airport. a number 67 of 90 degrees or better. has not happened since 1980.
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we shattered the old record, 1988, 59 days of 90 degrees or better. with october still on the way, i think we will. the record this year. 56 degrees at pittsburgh, 70 hagerstown, 83 raleigh. the frontal system to the south, cool air to the north and west, minneapolis 40 degrees, freeze warnings and wisconsin nothing like that for us, but we're watching the storm system taking shape to the south and west over the tennessee valley, eventually moving our way for the day tomorrow. monday and tuesday, beneficial rains, 1-2 inches of much-needed rain on the way. this is the storm track, looking for heaviest rain to the south and west. this would be across western virginia, looking at the rain totals? 1-2 inches across the immediate metro, the potomac high lands,
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shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, possibly 2-3 inches. a slow-moving system, potential of severe thunderstorms monday night and tuesday. we will keep the updated. partly cloudy, cool overnight, nighttime lows in the 50's. tomorrow morning, in the 60's, the sunshine peeks through, but quickly erodes as the clouds increase, showers develop. 68-73. these are the high temperatures. the extended outlook, warming just a little bit on monday, 74 degrees. a cloud cover and unstable air tuesday, 80 degrees, chance of thunderstorms. wednesday and thursday, as quickly as the rain arrives, it will move out. lots of sunshine, the high pressure, temperatures back into the middle, upper 70's. that is where we should be this
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time of year. we need the rain, only half an inch at dulles international this month. what is >> the rain deficit this year? >> about 7 inches at reagan national. >> coming up, a rising star at a local school. hey ella! hey. here's boulder. ok, see you in an hour. [ boulder barks ] bye, bye. here we go. come on boulder. aah! [ dog barks ] aah! come on, guys! daisy! whoo! aah! [ female announcer ] lunchables cheese pizza --
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now with mandarin oranges. because a great lunch, inspires great ideas. ♪ [ dog barks ] there's power in a great lunch. ♪ it doesn't get better than this ♪
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is time to meet another future star in high school sports. tim brant introduces us to an athlete from elizabeth seton, the athlete of the week.
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>> fancy footwork is part of her game. >> i have good vision on the field. i can break down the defense. >> she got hooked on soccer at age 7, thanks to her dad. >> my dad has been playing for a long time. >> she will play at the next level. >> i have to work a lot harder. >> first things first, the senior season. to remember and cherish. >> just try to make it as good as you can because you want to go out with a bang. >> congratulations to nia, our high school athlete of the week. >>
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instrumental music ] [ instrumental music ]
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one final check of the forecast? >> ready for rain? it has been dry, finally showers move end later tomorrow. grab the umbrella. the morning looks ok. heavier rain sunday night into monday, potential of severe thunderstorms monday evening into tuesday. quickly, as quickly as they arrive, they will exit. wednesday and thursday, bright sunshine, back into the 70's. today, day number 67 of 90 degrees or better. good riddance to the heat. >> thank you for joining us. good night. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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but i don't want to rub it in. you're lucky you got a woman like that. woman who don't give a man no quarter, you mean. (laughing) (coughing) cave-in or blowout don't get your father-in-law, that cough will. he ought to retire. let someone carry the weight of foreman. that'll be you, donny. you think? like i said, my wife's counting on you to bring all of us up out of here. all them stories you tell... it'd be nice to finally meet old alice. not in this here world. down here, every joe's blood runs brown-- same as the muck. but not up there. (hacking cough) i'm fine. i'm fine. get back to work. hey, nate! watch it there, nate. eight million ways to die every day.
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not today. not today. (song ends) (electrical crackling) valens: figure on stretching that shirt out another day? you want to check my shorts there, too, hoss?

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